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Animal Transportation

When faced with relocating a pet, we understand the value of feeling absolutely comfortable with the safety and comfort of your precious pets when seeking any long-distance airport pet transportation. In order to make his or her trip just as comfortable and stress-free as possible, Global Shipping Express provides the extra care that each and every pet deserves while providing you with peace of mind knowing they are receiving the absolute best of care. Reliable Transport Shipping Express is Certified as a USDA Intermediate Handler (No.93-H-0093), and understands and abides by the strict guidelines of animal transportation.

Once you submit a request for an estimate, we assign a Pet Relocation Specialist, a means of professional pet transport and animal relocation expert who will contact you and work with you through your pet’s relocation move ..

Each Specialist will:

Arrange all air transportation needs
Provide free estimates for pet travel either door to door or airport to airport
Provide dedicated individual service for you and your pets’ relocation from start to finish..
Make all arrangements for health certificates and rabies documentation for domestic travel
Provide door-to-door Pet Relocation Services – Meet your pet(s) at the destination airport and deliver them to your requested location. Arrange pet ground transportation door-to-door and to and from departure airport and arrival airport.
USDA and airline-approved flight kennels can be provided with personalized labels, identification, and emergency notification instructions.
Arrange kenneling and/or boarding at either end of your pet travel needs, if necessary.
Your pet’s comfort and safety are our number one concern. Put our experience to work for you and your pet. Contact us today to obtain an individualized consultation for your pet transportation needs. Find out how truly stress-free pet moving can be with the professional services at Reliable Transport Shipping Express.


Our experienced team will provide a solution to fit your airfreight requirements. Whatever your particular requirements, We will provide you with real-time visibility for tracking your shipment both locally and internationally.

We have licensed IATA operators, offering our customers a variety of services to meet individual requirements of service and price.

We have set space allocations (blocked space agreements) on all major airfreight service routes, which allows flexibility to arrange the best possible service available at any time.

We operate multiple weekly services to and from all major trading markets. Our experienced, professional export staff can assist you, whatever your needs.

Multiple Weekly consolidations to all major destinations
We provide air freight consolidations to all major destinations

Direct Airline (IATA)
Direct Airline MAWB for that urgent nonconsolidation shipment

Direct & Transhipment service
We offer both Direct and Transhipment services to most destinations

Project Cargo and Charters
We have our own projects division, capable of advising on and handling projects and oversized cargo

Airline Relationships
Our partners with the key carriers offering consistent transit times and confirmed space allocations

Airport to Airport
Airport to Door
Door to Door
Express parcels via our PacNex service
Dangerous goods handling
Projects Logistics
Inland cartage
Cargo tracking and tracing
Export.html documentation
Export.html packaging and labeling


We offer its clients a full array of ocean freight services including:

FCL (full container load),
LCL (less than container load),
FCX (“multiple vendor” full container loads),
Out of gauge cargo
Hanging garments
Special projects

and full in-house customer service.

We operate weekly ocean freight services for LCL movements, FCL movements, as well as FCX movements. Our agreements with major vessel operators ensure the highest level of space commitments.

These services operate to and from all major manufacturing hubs and all major transit points, with real-time visibility available at every stage.

we will load or unload, deliver or store and in some cases, even store pack for you, whatever your requirements.

Our experienced export staff can assist with all shipping advice and requirements.

FCL container services
LCL services
Multiple shipper Container (FCX)
Out of gauge cargo
Special projects
Port to Port
Port to Door
Door to Door
Inland cartage
Export.html documentation
Dangerous goods handling
Export.html packing and labeling
Direct and transshipment services


Your supply chain is fundamental to your long-term success. Correctly structured it becomes your competitive advantage.

For long term success an organization must consistently achieve the following critical success factors:

The right product representing that brand
A competitive price point representing that brand
Product to the marketplace to meet customer requirements and marketing plans
Product standard dictated by the brand
Margin that adds value to the organization

However current economic conditions of:

Pressure at the point of sale places strain on margins
Extreme competition in terms of more branding and product offerings leading to a battle for retail space
and/or the retail dollar
The immediacy of product, compromised by long lead-times placing stress on managing forecasts while minimizing stock-outs
are contrary to achieving those critical success factors.

This can be achieved through distribution to the marketplace from the source.
We have structured their capabilities vertically, not relying on “associated” agents using Adhoc systems not tailored to your market, customers, or requirements.

We allow to be:
Fully aware of the pre-requisites that must be established prior to the initial launch
Responsive to your specific requirements
Leaders in this field

Scanpack at Source

We have recognized the need for clients to add a competitive advantage to their supply chain. In challenging the traditional concept of a supply chain we have recognized the need to:

Make decisions closer to the marketplace
To have stock store ready AND store delivered
Eliminate double handling costs
Eliminate duplication of freight costs
Move to a variable cost model from a fixed cost model
Add flexibility to the supply chain, delivering a product to multiple markets without having to recreate the supply chain
Lower the overall cost of the logistics equation


We have an in-house team of licensed customs and trade professionals. They are experienced & trained in local Customs procedures and can provide advice on all import or export laws and regulations.

We facilitate Customs and Quarantine (MAF / AQIS) clearances for Airfreight, Oceanfreight, Courier, and postal shipments at all ports throughout Australia and New Zealand. These services include facilitating clearances with all the appropriate Agriculture, Forestry, Health, and other Community Protection agencies.

We assist importers with such matters as tariff options, duty concessions, and landed costing reports. We also assist exporters with duty drawbacks and origin rulings. Other value-added services include Technical Valuations, Legislation advice, and general trade advice and consultancy.


Airport Handling: Handling of goods at the airport, or nearby the airport, on behalf of customers. The physical inspection and verification of the condition and number of cartons received. The act of checking cargo on the floor of the warehouse reduces the damages & losses of customers. We do it before ship-out the goods from the origin port.

Direct Airfreight: The shipping by air of single big consignments without combining the goods with other cargo for the same destination. Our good relationship with local air operators makes us confident to serve our customers better if needed the direct airfreight service.

Consolidated Airfreight: The consolidation of cargo from multiple vendors/shippers into one consignment is possible by us to reduce the cost of air shipping.

Air/Sea Program:

The combination of airfreight and sea freight replacing surface feeding into a consolidation point – e.g. the use of airfreight typically of smaller quantities to be included in full container consolidations. We use Singapore & Dubai as our hub for air/sea trans-shipment.

7 flights/week to Singapore.
Ocean leg on the premium carrier.
Daily departure from Singapore.
Transit Time: 1-2 days to trans-shipment port Plus steaming time to destination.

Benefits of AIR/SEA Program:

Ready solution to missing a Feeder Departure.
Faster Transit Time to an all Water mode.
Timely delivery even though production may have fallen behind schedule.

Sea/Air Program:

The combination of sea freight and airfreight replacing surface feedering from the regional main port to the final destination. We use Singapore & Dubai as our hub for air/sea trans-shipment.

Via Singapore to Europe and North America transit time 7-8 days (CTG-SIN 5 Days plus 2-3 days SIN to Destination). Via Dubai to Europe and North America transit time 13-15 days (CTG-DXB 12-13 Days plus 1-2 days DXB to Destination).

Benefits of Sea/Air Program:

Ready solution to backlog situation of Dhaka Airport.
One company convenience, and one party responsibility.
Customer-driven trained people track shipment all the way.
Availability of Air cargo space in Singapore/Dubai.
Same day pick-up, and transfer to the port of Singapore/Dubai.


We are familiar with the import rules and regulations of foreign countries, methods of shipping. We can arrange airfreight import from anywhere in the world using our network of agents to arrange contact with your suppliers. We handle Airfreight imports from foreign counties to Bangladesh

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